Gopher State Storage - Stacy

8760 239th Ln NE, Stacy, MN 55079
Current Customers: 651.253.7804

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5 Stars - 3 Reviews
Not sure why previos review is 5 stars? I gave 0 for the "quality"
Gabriell Horvath
June 28, 2019
See my other review.
Flood damage and extra charge after discuntinuation
Gabriella Horvath
June 28, 2019
We got flood damage due to improper drainage (basically no drainage available). Rent only if you can take this risk. I was charged with 80 USD after we left and I don't know for what, I sent a mail to customer service but no feedback.
Priced well
Ian Schifsky
June 14, 2018
Great units at a very reasonable price. It is a dirt lot so have a broom handy but it does get decent maintenance, rain or snow. It's right off the main road as well and open 24/7
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