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State Storage Group is an organization comprised of professionals and local families across the United States. We strategically operate and maintain our facilities with local partners to better serve our clients by providing superior customer service and support nationwide.  

Every year, we expand, rehabilitate, and revitalize our facilities across America to provide excellence by virtue for our clients while growing our brand.  

The multitude of discussions that occur daily within our organization span from a mere signing of a lease for a 5x10 unit to breaking ground on the next 100,000 sqft in south Florida. 

State Storage Group empowers and invests into the communities in which we serve. We possess a repeatable framework complete with effective processes that spreads the equity to our local partners. This has been the lifeblood of SSG that has granted our organization and partners to grow exponentially.

Recapturing what it means to live life by design and to the fullest through executing daily is something SSG is extremely proud to be a part of.  

With a primary focus on values and integrity, we are living our dream daily by molding unique opportunities for one another. Serving our clients at an premier level is an attribute we pride ourselves an imperative quality we seek in new partners or vendors. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner or vendor, please submit the web form to be entered into our SSG database. Please know that we are growing at a rapid pace and it is our goal to be in every state by 2025.

Whether you are a potential client, partner, or vendor, we’d like to thank you for reviewing our mission.


SSG Executive Leadership Team



David J Heil:  CEO Founder

David J. Heil attended North Dakota State University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering in 2005, entering the corporate workforce where he spent many years applying his education and mastering processes and automation. Leading projects that ranged a wide engineering gamut. From designing a battleship destroyer launching system at BAE systems to later engineering combustion control systems for Honeywell inc. He was able to retire as a senior engineer after diligently spending 10 years in the workplace.

During those 10 years, he honed in on investment and financial strategies that lead to acquiring his first 10% equity stake in a storage facility. In 2015 this facility would become the first 100% equity owned state storage site. In the years since he has found great purpose in cultivation of mindset and educating the earned strategies. Leading the group with ethics and shared resources. Creating a network of elite partnerships nationwide. Which has contributed to what is now 50 locations and growing. With earned equity and partnerships in place to double year after year.

“Invest in yourself and you can build an empire, invest into others and you can build a legacy that continues to build the empire without you”




David W Heil: COO Co-Founder

With over 35 years of experience in both the commerical and residential construction industry. David is known for his vast range of knowledge in development and implementation of large, multi phased commercial, and residential projects. 

As a Senior Project Manager, for a company with over 10 million annual contracts.Utilizing his skills in facilitating the entire construction process; including pre-construction concerns, development of construction budgets and production schedules, management of subcontractors, and finalization of all projects on the most time and cost effective schedule as possible. David set a standard of the highest quality to every project. From the earliest stages of dreaming to the final walk through, his level of dedication goes beyond turning clients visions in to a reality. Through his deep rooted commitment of excellence , and dedication of professionalism, David has contributed to this company becoming one of the largest contruction companies in the Midwest.

David, continues to exceed industry standards by forming professional partnerships based on integrity, ingenuity, and reliability. Building a businesses built on the values of craftsmanship and sustainability. 


Abel Sng: CFO

Abel has organized and executed over $100MM of real estate transactions in his career consisting of over 1,200+ units of multifamily assets with Napali Capital that he still currently manages alongside.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur and CFO, Mr. Sng practiced in the Transaction Services group at KPMG and provided buy-side and sell-side financial due diligence services to both private equity and strategic clients with deal values ranging from $5 million to $1 billion. Abel graduated from Brigham Young University, received his bachelor's degree in accounting, and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Andrew DiPilato: CCO & Founding Partner 

Andrew is one of the founding partners and joined David J Heil early on to help build the foundation of State Storage Group. Andrew brings his finance, technology and consulting background to the group to help drive rapid growth and success. Prior to joining State Storage, Andrew closed over $250MM in technology and consulting contracts in his career. 

He has been a key contributor to shape SSG's growth and evolution. He has skillfully led virtual teams to identify new opportunities, evaluate new locations, create and improve technology solutions, and most importantly define and deliver executive-level decisions at SSG. 

"The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately." 

Jayme Wait: Founding Partner

If his background is any indication, Jayme Wait has no interest in being average. After 16 years of working for his family’s commercial plumbing, HVAC and electrical company, Wait set out to expand his own potential and create what has become one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s largest companies in its class.

Founded in 2015, Wait built THE AC HERO LLC based on a modern approach to business operations that – when paired with his aggressive personal branding strategy - instantly earned a reputation of integrity, pride, and stellar service. 

Wait crossed paths with State Storage founder and CEO David Heil. The two quickly found common ground in their passion for “hustle” and within three years partnered on 14 self-storage facilities and three service businesses. 

SSG Group Members 





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