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State Storage Group offers a variety of safe and convenient solutions for your personal, business, and vehicle storage needs. With a variety of convenient facilities in the states of Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Minnesota, you’re sure to love your next self storage experience.  Each of our facilities is equipped with useful amenities that can turn your move into a pleasant and comfortable experience. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, our team is here to help. Take a look at our facilities and let us know if you have any questions!

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David J Heil:  CEO Founder

David J. Heil attended North Dakota State University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering in 2005. He entered the corporate workforce where he spent many years applying his education. Projects that ranged a wide engineering gamut. From designing battleship destroyer launching system at BAE systems. Later engineering combustion control systems for Honeywell inc. He was able to retire as a senior engineer after diligently spending 10 years in the workplace.

During those 10 years he honed in on investment and financial strategies that lead to acquiring his first 10% equity stake in a storage facility. In 2015 this facility would become the first 100% equity owned state storage site. In the years since he has found great purpose in cultivation of mindset and educating the earned strategies. Leading the group with ethics and shared resources. Creating a network of elite partnerships nationwide. Which has contributed to what is now 50 locations and growing. With earned equity and partnerships in place to double over the coming year.



David W Heil: COO Co-Founder


Jayme Wait: COO Co-Founder



A. DiPilato: Equity Partner

His background has helped the group drive rapid growth and success.

His success is attributed to skillfully managing virtual teams to identify new opportunities, understand locations, create and improve technology solutions, and most importantly define and document executive level decisions at SSG.


John J. Henry III: Equity Partner


Nolan Langeland: Business Development



Gail Heil: VP, Personal Relations


Jordan Hidalgo: VP, Development



Austin Good: Equity Partner


Nick Good: Equity Partner


Alex Yates: VP, Systems and  Technology


Adam Webster: Business Development


Mike Thomas: Business Development

Jayson Cruse: VP Midwest Divison

Jayson has 16 years of frontline experience owning and operating a successful tech startup. Tech Source, a technology sales company, started as a second income source and has grown to over a million in sales annually. In 2017 Jayson and his wife Patsy formed JP Property Group, a real estate investment company focused on short term vacation rentals in Florida and commercial property investments nationwide.

Jayson is now using his property acquisition and commercial development experience to expand State Storage Group into one of the fastest growing self storage companies in the nation.



Sandra Miller: Midwest Collections/


Natalie Forsberg: Executive Admin


Robert Bussey: South Collections Security Chief

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