Gopher State Storage - St. Paul

Northside of Como Ave, close to Hmongtown Marketplace
289 Como Avenue,
St. Paul, MN 55103
Current Customers: 651.253.7804

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[Star][Star][Star][Star][Star] 4 Stars - 2 Reviews
4 Stars - 2 Reviews
Gofer storage
Candace Lowell
September 25, 2022
I’m not going to be able to use this unit. First they lead me to believe it was on Rice NOT the one you pass through bumpy roads and abandoned shopping carts. Mine is a brand new unit PROBLEM IS THEY NEVER PUT IN THE SEAL, 1/2 inch gap which I’m sure the mice are already in there. Only reason I got it but it’s nothing more than a car port. When I called they guy said to REMIND him at the END of the month to have some guy fix it. NOOOO then offered a different unit ( that’s something) but I’m disabled. 2 loads are already in and I’m afraid what I’ll find. Have to move to a different place. These folks might be nice but there is 0 maintenance and expect pests and mice . Bummer price is good if you’ve outdoor things to storage
Excellent service and convenient location
Marie Villani
February 24, 2021
Overall, a very customer-focused experience.
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